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Abstract Submission Deadline, date / Mar 18 2017

Abstract Review Result, date / Apr 20 2017

Early Bird Registration, date / Apr 20 2017 - Jun 10 2017

Normal Registration, date / Jun 10 2017 - Jul 05 2017

Scientific Committee

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Cevdet Yalciner

Present Affiliation :

METU Civil Engineering Department

Director of Ocean Engineering Research Center,

06800, Ankara, Turkey

Chair of North Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean Tsunami Waring System, NEAMTWS, UNESCO Intergorenmental Oceanography Commission IOC, Intergovernmental Coordination Group ICG.

Phone No : +90-312- 210 54 96 +90-312- 210 54 40 (secretary)

Fax No : +90-312- 210 18 00

Mobile Phone : +90-532- 471 00 06

E-mail :

Web site :

He is currently Chair of ICG-NEAMTWS since November 2013. He acted as Chair in METU Department of Civil Engineering in 2012-2015. He is currently the director of Ocean Engineering Reseacrh Center in Deprament of Civil Engineering at METU.

He has intensive experience on all aspects of tsunamis including tsunami generation, propagation and coastal amplification by modeling and their applications. His experience extends to wind waves, storms, storm surges, marine hazards and disaster management, 2D and 3-D physical modeling on the stability of breakwaters, design of coastal structures, physical modeling on agitation of harbors, modeling of near shore wave transformations, numerical modeling and analysis of coastal and ocean engineering problems, resonance of harbors, bays and basins, time series analysis of waves, design of sea outfall system, solitary waves and long period waves, field measurements on current, wave characteristics and sediment transport, national and international consultancies for several coastal and ocean engineering projects, participation in six EC funded projects, leadership in 90+ national 10+ international basic and applied research projects, contributions to international organizations such as IAEA, UNESCO, NATO and PIANC. He studied in Tohoku University in 1987 as apart of his PhD study with Prof. Nobuo Shuto. He worked in University of Southern California Los Angeles as visiting professor in 1999-2000 and studied with Prof. Costas Synolakis. He organized or lectured more than 10 international scientific meetings and summer schools and training courses in his field.

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