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Scientific Committee

Prof. Stefano Tinti

Stefano Tinti is Full Professor of Geophysics at the University of Bologna, Italy

Former Chairman of the ICG/NEAMTWS of the IOC/UNESCO

Former President of the EGU Natural Hazards Division

Member of the International Tsunami Commission

Involved in tsunami research since ‘70s

Author of over 270 publications, with more than 170 papers in scientific journals and books of international interest

1. Personal Data

Name :

Stefano Tinti

Contact information :


Affiliation :

Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Bologna

Position :

Full Professor of Geophysics

2. Research Field

Generation and propagation of tsunamis: generation by earthquakes, landslides and volcanic eruptions. Marine propagation of long waves in the near-coast zone and interaction with coastal structures. Analysis of hazard, vulnerability and risk associated with tsunamis.

Monitoring networks and early warning systems for tsunamis.

Analysis of macroseismic and instrumental data of a seismic catalogue through statistical techniques.

Developing numerical models for the dynamical evolution of landslides.

Modeling of displacements, stresses and deformations associated with earthquakes.

3. Research Responsibilities

Coordinator of 4 international projects funded by the EU, the last one being TRANSFER (2006-2009). Leader of the Research Unit of the University of Bologna in 6 intenational projects funded by the EU. Principal investigator of many national projects since 1982.

4. Other Responsibilities

2009-2015 Co-chair of the Working Group on Public Awareness, Preparedness and Mitigation of the ICG/NEAMTWS.

2011-2015 President of the Natural Hazards Division of EGU (European Geosciences Union).

2005-2009 Chairman of the Intergovernmental Coordination Group for the North-East Atlantic, the Mediterranean and Connected Sea Tsunami Warning System (ICG/NEAMTWS).

Member of the International Tsunami Commission (IUGG) and in 1995-2003 Vice-Chairman.

Science Officer of Sea and Ocean Hazards of the EGU Natural Hazards Division (2007-2011).

Chairman of the Interdisciplinary Working Group on Natural Hazards of the EGS (1992-1996).

Vice-President of the Tsunami Society (1991-1997).

5. Bibliometric Indices

More than 170 publications in scientific journals and in international books, more than 100 publications in proceedings, prefaces and dissemination magazines. Bibliometric indices. WoS: 114 papers, 1920 citations, H-index 27; Scopus: 152 papers, citations 2388, H-index 30.

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