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Meeting Schedule

Important Dates List

Abstract Submission Deadline, date / Mar 18 2017

Abstract Review Result, date / Apr 20 2017

Early Bird Registration, date / Apr 20 2017 - Jun 10 2017

Normal Registration, date / Jun 10 2017 - Jul 05 2017




a) Guideline for oral presentation (LINK).

b) Guideline for poster presentation (LINK).


How to do the registration

a) All participants should register their data before submitting their abstract.

b) When participant clicks the abstract submission button. The link page for personal registration is available in word ‘HERE’ at the announcement of “ARE YOU REGISTERED PARTICIPANT? IF NO, PLEASE INPUT YOUR DATA HERE BEFORE SUBMIT THE ABSTRACT”

c) Please note, in this stage you have to make the abstract payment in order to submit your data. Please check the amount of abstract submission fee you have to pay based on your current status (student of non-student). Further detailed about FEES at point (3).

d) Before the participant submitted their payment proof, the committee cannot process their abstract to the scientific committee.

e) Once participant registers his/her data, they will get PIN number to be used for submitting the abstract.

f) Similar PIN number can be used later when the participant make their meeting registration.



a. All abstract submissions must be received by 28 February 2017 at 23:59 Indonesian Time (West Region)/16:59+7 GMT, except for those submitted to the newly proposed session aside of ID-001 – ID-016.

b. Abstracts should contain a brief and clear description of the research and its on scientific results.

c. Following the abstract deadline, submitted abstracts may be placed in a different, more appropriate session than the one to which it was submitted. Final decisions regarding placement of individual abstracts and sessions rests with the Program Committee.

d. The abstract title is limited to 400 characters and the abstract text is limited to 2500 characters. Authors can put only one important figure on their abstract.

e. Only pdf format is allowed. Abstract format can be downloaded here.


a. The person submitting the abstract will automatically be the First Author. You may not submit an abstract on behalf of another author. The First Author cannot be modified for any reason.

b. First Authors can have a maximum of (2) contributed and one (1) invited abstract, or two (2) invited abstracts. No limit for Co-authors

c. The abstract submitter is responsible for ensuring that all co-authors have agreed to be listed on the abstract.


a. A fee of 25 USD will be charged for each abstract submission (regular – non student)

b. A fee of 10 USD will be charged for each abstract submission (student)

c. No abstract submission fee for those resided in developing countries and low-income countries.

d. The abstract submission fee is a non-refundable processing fee, and not based on approval of the abstract submission.

e. Please do the payment first before you make an abstract submission because you will have to upload the copy/scan of your payment proof.

f. A fee of 500 USD will be charged for meeting registration during the early bird period (1 April 2017 - 30 April 2017)

g. A fee of 525 USD will be charged for meeting registration during the normal registration period (1 May 2017 – 10 August 2017)

h. A fee of 550 USD will be charged for onsite registration

i. There are two methods of payment are accepted for abstract and registration fees, which are :

1).By using bank transfer (Name Of Bank BANK NEGARA INDONESIA (BNI), Acc. No. 0395334421, On behalf of : Abdul Muhari, Swift Code. BNINIDJA).

2).By using PayPal with the step as follow (Manual Tutorial).


a. The list of sessions are available on the website

b. Oral presentations will be assigned by the session conveners and Program Committee based on the review result of the submitted abstract.

c. Poster presentations may be requested. Poster sessions are available from 21-23 August 12:00-14:00.

d. Submission of an abstract carries with it the obligation to give a presentation in the designated manner assigned. It also grants the ITS committee permission to publish the abstracts.

e. Once assigned by the Program Committee and scheduled by the session convener, the date and time of the presentation CANNOT be changed; presenters are advised not to arrange travel until acceptance notifications are issued on 31 March 2017 via email. Acceptance notifications will include information regarding assigned session dates and times.

f. The presenter of either an oral or a poster presentation at the meeting must be listed as the “presenting author” on the abstract. An individual cannot present someone else’s abstract, if his/her name is not listed as an author on the abstract.


a. Invited authors will receive an electronic invitation from the session convener via the submission site. The invitation will include a link to the session; please submit the abstract via the link included in the invitation. If the abstract is not submitted through the formal invitation, the abstract will not have an invited status listing

b. A First Author may NOT be an Invited Author or Presenter on an abstract submitted to a session in which they are convening

c. Invited Authors are not guaranteed an oral presentation and may be assigned a poster presentation.

d. Invited Authors do not receive discounted abstract fees, registration fees, or travel reimbursement.


Final schedule will be available on the website by 1 April 2017.

ITS Bali 2017