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Abstract Submission Deadline, date / Mar 18 2017

Abstract Review Result, date / Apr 20 2017

Early Bird Registration, date / Apr 20 2017 - Jun 10 2017

Normal Registration, date / Jun 10 2017 - Jul 05 2017


Social science in tsunami disaster mitigation

Disaster sciences, with emphasis on earthquakes and tsunamis had been increasingly approached through naturalistic and empirical views that also influence how sciences of human affairs are deployed. Human evolved in a rapid pace and in ways unimagined decades back. The virtual realities of digital generation and social media, the diminishing role of geographic borders due to migration, the decentralizations versus centralization of government structures responded straight forward to the technologies developed in reducing tsunami risks. Technology have been shaping the society, as society continuously shape technology as cultural artifacts. We encourage scientist who studies on tsunami from the perspective of anthropology, sociology, psychology, history, politics and economics as well as multi-disciplines and inter-disciplinary approaches to continuously reduce tsunami risks on community to present their research in this session. We intends to allow more space for social sciences on tsunamis to be critically involved in today’s tsunami science discourses.

ITS Bali 2017